Startup & Entrepreneur Program

Immerse yourself into our 4-day Startup Bootcamp in New York or virtually from your home office.                         
Meet our community of industry experts, mentors and VCs that will show you how you can successfully enter the U.S. market!

Now introducing STEP USA Virtual!

STEP USA Virtual, a 4-day startup program for young companies and entrepreneurs, is uniquely designed and adapted in direct response to the current needs of startups to enable companies to join and work from anywhere.

Be prepared for inspiration, moments of success, deep learnings and the excitement of getting to know a whole new world of opportunities!


Access to Venture Capital

Pitch your company to hand-selected Venture Capital investors and business angels | Learn from VC’s about best practices and red flags when raising money

Strategy Workshops

Market entry | IP law | Immigration landscape | Branding | Pitch Training | Story Telling | Sales Training

Company Insights

Learn from successful entrepreneurs | Meet German and US founders | Experience best practices and failures

Clients & Network

Groundwork for personal network in the US | Company Introductions | Networking Events | Insights into US customer acquisition


A first-hand take on what it might be like for you to start your business here

Market Entry Services

Legal Services | Incorporations | Market Studies | Virtual Offices | FDA agents


Upcoming STEP USA Programs:

STEP USA Virtual Program: Dec. 06 – Dec. 9, 2021 (NRW startups only) 

STEP USA New York Program: March 6-10, 2022 (open to all startups)

STEP USA New York Program: April 25-28, 2022 (Sachsen startups only)

STEP USA New York Program: June 5-9, 2022 (open to all startups)



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