Step USA - Why New York?

New York City has become the tech startup hub and headquarter of one of the largest Venture Capital scenes in the United States. The Big Apple has earned the title Silicon Alley, which stands metonymic for Manhattan’s density of high tech industries, supporting the cities’ entrepreneurship ecosystem and multi-billion dollar venture capital investment business. New York’s metropolitan area has ventured out beyond startups focusing on advertising, media and e-commerce. Today, as the Silicon Alley of Tech, New York City focuses on AI, bio tech, VR, fin tech, fashion, E-Health, SaaS, IoT and mobile commerce, supported by entrepreneurial talent from Columbia, NYU, Princeton and Cornell University.

NYC is…

  • … your chance to enter one of the fastest growing technology and startup centers in the US
  • … the global capital for industry sectors such as IT, finance, media, publishing, services, advertising and fashion
  • … access to great talent
  • … best environment for female entrepreneurs
  • … vertical market customer base – find everything startup related accommodated in ‘Silicon Alley’