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Mentor: Philip Delvecchio

Philip Delvecchio, Lead Strategist & Founder, Hapday Group

Philip is an operations expert, startup advisor, and international speaker. He is currently the Lead Strategist and Founder of Hapday Group, a collective of operations experts, creatives, and entrepreneurs working with startups to scale their businesses in the US market. As the former Program Director of VentureOut, a New York Tech accelerator for post-seed startups, he has advised over 200 startups, ran over 30 accelerator programs, and spearheaded an 2x operational efficiency growth. Prior to VentureOut, Philip lived and worked in Taiwan for 2 years focusing on education, international relations, and technology development. As a Fulbright scholar and a former Microsoft employee, his expertise uniquely combines international exchange and ICT management. He earned his Bachelor’s degree of Science from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he studied Computer Science and Chinese.
Oliver Kray Headshot

Oliver Kray, Founder & CEO, MyPostcard

Designer and serial entrepreneur Oliver Kray founded MyPostcard in Berlin in May 2014. He has since expanded the start-up into the most successful provider of postcards that can be ordered online and sent via mail. Currently, he is dedicated to the global expansion and product expansion of MyPostcard and the development of other app-to-print apps.
Felix Wunderlich Headshot

Felix Wunderlich, Head of Business Development, MyPostcard

Felix Wunderlich is Head of Business Development at MyPostcard. With start-up experience at a GA portfolio company in Germany and a Business Master from San Francisco, Felix has been supporting the growth of MyPostcard since the beginning of 2017. As the right-hand of CEO Oliver Kray, he develops user growth strategies and negotiates global business partnerships.

Marco Schnabl, CEO & Co-Founder of automotiveMastermind (aM)

Marco Schnabl is CEO and co-Founder of automotiveMastermind (aM), the leading provider of predictive analytics and marketing automation technology for the automotive industry. In his role, Schnabl leads sales, service and operations for aM, which has more than doubled its employee count in the last year. Schnabl co-founded aM with Johannes Gnauck in 2012. After more than a decade as top-performing Mercedes-Benz salesmen, Schnabl and Gnauck recognized the need for a more sophisticated technology that leveraged data and improved the automotive retail experience for both buyers and sellers. Their intricate understanding of the industry helped them develop a technology that is transforming the sales process. aM empowers sales teams with key insights and valuable information on its top prospects by utilizing its proprietary algorithm to generate a Behavior Prediction Score® (BPS). As a result, aM is now a leading predictive analytics and marketing automation technology for over 800 of dealer partners.

Brian Frumberg, Founder & Entrepreneur, VentureOut

Brian is the Founder of VentureOut, which he launched in 2012 while working at Gotham Ventures, an early-stage venture capital fund. His mission, is to help bridge the gap between the innovators around the world and the opportunities available to them in the New York and San Francisco technology ecosystems.

Susan Lindner, Speaker, CEO & Founder, Emerging Media

Cultural Anthropologist. Brand Marketer. Disruptor. Susan got her start as an AIDS educator in the brothels of Thailand, helping turn prostitutes into entrepreneurs. Today, she's the founder of Emerging Media, a branding, PR and marketing agency dedicated to helping tech founders reach their finish lines. Her award-winning strategies have gotten 10 companies acquired, and she is now hell bent on sharing them with the world.  Susan speaks to startups, innovators, and top executives from 60+ countries at GE, PWC, Deutsche Bank, Capital One and at global conferences, consulates and trade organizations about strategic storytelling, mastering the message and the media for maximum impact.
Josh Cohen

Joshua Cohen, Partner & Head of Lean Practice, GIANT Innovation

Joshua Cohen's passion is innovation and new technologies. He has spent almost 20 years working with startups and large corporations in both the US and Europe, demonstrating repeated success bringing new technologies, brands, and business models to market. He loves working with and being around interesting people, bringing enthusiasm and energy to any team he works with, mentoring young professionals, and connecting others and building valuable relationships whenever he can.

Sebastian Reichelt, Senior Director of Personalization, HelloFresh

Sebastian graduated from ETH Zurich and Chemnitz University in 2007 holding a degree in Industrial Engineering and shortly after moved to New York. He has been the co-founder of three curation-related eCommerce businesses across different categories such as furniture search engines, a furniture flash sales website and a product discovery service for new parents (, which he sold in 2016 to a Norwegian publisher of children's books. Sebastian went on to join another subscription commerce startup, HelloFresh, which went public in November 2017 and is Europe's fastest-growing eCommerce company and the global leader in the popular category of meal kits. At HelloFresh, he is the Senior Director of Personalization in charge of subscriber retention and customer experience.

Joe Dolce, CEO, Joe Dolce Communications

Joe Dolce’s career has been based upon transformation and communication. He was a key player at Details magazine, first as a Senior Editor and then as editor-in-chief. Joe went on to co-found the first web-based fashion news service, Joe has also written for dozens of national magazines and interviewed leaders in business, media, the arts and sciences – Hugh Hefner, Barry Diller, Dr. Andrew Weil, Julia Child, Dr. Antonio Damasio, to name but a few. This enables him to predict with uncanny reliability the questions you’ll encounter when facing the camera or a crowd of investors.Joe has also worked on the other side of the fence, as a Public Relations Consultant, constructing effective campaigns for technology companies, health professionals, media companies, architecture firms, celebrities, scientists, authors, and non-profits.
Bernhard Mehl

Bernhard Mehl, CEO, KISI

Meet KISI co-founder Bernhard Mehl and his "digital doorman" app. KISI develops cloud technology to build secure access control systems that use a combination of sensors and mobile devices to grant facility access to authorized personnel.

Julia I. Cakalo, Training Leader, Gustav Kaeser Training International

Julia is working with Gustav Kaeser Training International, guiding groups of professionals in self-development and in achieving full potential. Primary focus is Leadership and Sales Training for global corporations. Furthermore she is active with WHO Center for HIV Surveillance in Zagreb, Croatia, lecturing, development of training courses, provision of technical assistance and participation on international projects related to HIV surveillance in Eastern Europe and Africa. In 2008, Julia joined Gustav Kaeser training International and since then was involved in various training and coaching projects with clients from pharma industry, IT, manufacturing, services and consulting. Julia is cooperating with German American Chamber of Commerce in New York delivering workshops related to negotiation and active listening. Julia enjoys working with startups helping them develop their selling and leadership skills.

Tanjila Islam, CEO, Tiger Trade

Tanjila Islam is the CEO & Founder of TigerTrade. TigerTrade provides a much-needed solution for retailers and brands to move their excess inventory to new buyers and markets that do not compete with their current distribution channels. They currently work in product categories such as apparel, fashion accessories, footwear, health and beauty products, home goods, and toys.


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